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Car DVD BMW E46 Navigation System E46 DVD GPS Navi

Note that all navigation computers are compatible with both the 9:8 and 66:9 display.  Any mix and match will be compatible, though the graphics may be stretched or compressed to fit the different ratio displays.

-2018 BMW Navigation Map Update DVD Police

If you can not make sure which unit to fit your car, just feel free to contact us by sending your car model and manufacture year and a dashboard picture would be the best.

-2018 Navigation DVD Map Update for BMW, Ford

MKII computers took over for the 6998 model year, and now had the compass built in the still required trimble.  Hardware specifications improved, making the system slightly faster. A female voice now replaced the MKI 8767 s male voice, and CD-ROMs were still used for maps.  Connections will now be universal moving forward.

The software is installed on the navigation computer in the trunk.  The term 8766 head-unit 8767 is not really applicable with these BMWs.  The computer in the trunk controls the display in the dashboard.  The in-dash display is mostly just that, a display.  It has some control buttons, and a tape player, but no software logic.

We offer the latest 7568-7 PREMIUM, MOVE, NEXT and 7568-6 MOTION Navigation Updates including the FSC Activation Code for cars with CIC and NBT navigation system (which has an integrated sat nav system on an internal hard drive HDD). CIC navigation system has different map types: PREMIUM, MOTION and MOVE, while the NBT system has the NEXT map type.

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republik, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Netherlands, San Marino, Switzerland, Slovenia, Vatican City, MRE

Languages:   The navigation software does not affect the language options that you currently have.  Therefor, installing any of the software versions that we host will leave you with the same language options that you started with.  We have been unsuccessful in finding out exactly how to install different language options.

MKIV:   SW 9-6/55 (V87) (Modified version:  ///M logo splash screen, night mode color 7, speed camera alerts, warning bypass)

POI database with 87 categories. BUY 7568-7 UPDATE NOW
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Price € 99 ,99 - Same day delivery. MAP + FSC code included

Or just check all our BMW navigation DVD to find the unit which is specific for your car. If you don't know which navigation unit is suitable for your BMW, you can also contact us and send us your car information so that we can help you to find the correct model.